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Seminars are free and available to all employees.

Elder Care Monthly Discussion Group 
June 14, MGH, 12-1 pm

Featured Work Life Seminar 
June 7, Modern Dads: The Critical Role Men Play in Children's Lives, MGH, 12:30

Upcoming Work Life Seminars 
The EAP offers a range of programs in the workplace. Learn about upcoming events.

Upcoming EAP Training for Managers and Supervisors 
Next webinar is June 16

Monthly Features


Better Sleep and Your Health
May is Better Sleep Month. Good sleep habits have a positive effect on work, relationships, and resilience. If you’re getting less than seven to eight hours of sleep each night, you may be sleep deprived. Developing good sleep habits takes practice. ... more

May is National Bike Safety Month
Safe cycling is fun and encourages physical exercise and health. It also is a great way to enhance the community and change the way we get around ... more

Diet and Exercise – Developing Goals for a Healthy Lifestyle
Why is it all so hard? Start with small steps! What if instead of making mega-changes with the all-or-nothing approach to weight loss and good health, you resolve to tackle a few simple changes at a time? Studies show that the health and weight loss habits that call for minor, doable changes have the best chance of lasting. ... more

Nicotine Replacement Therapy - free for Partners employees
If you are a permanent employee or an adult family member on Partners HealthCare insurance, you may be eligible to receive medications to help quit smoking free of charge. ... more

Identity Theft and Related Tax Fraud
Responding to tax fraud and other identity theft is time consuming and emotionally draining for employees and staff. If you are a victim of identity theft or tax fraud, help from Partners EAP is available to you... more

Finding a Healthy Digital Balance
Technology has become part of our everyday lives, but is too much screen time taking away from our personal relationships? It’s important to set limits on our use of technology and not miss out on real time experiences with people we love and care about... more

How are you Feeling?- Online Mental Health Screening, Free and Anonymous (English and Spanish)
Want to get your smile back? Feeling sad, angry or anxious? Is alcohol becoming a problem? Start with a free mobile-optimized and user-friendly screening that is completely anonymous... more

New Arrivals in Boston
Partners EAP welcomes you to Boston, a world renowned city for its history, culture, and education. A move is both exciting and challenging, so you may find the following links helpful as you settle in your new home. ... more

Heroin Addiction Resources for Families
When families are first impacted by a loved one’s addiction to heroin, it often comes as a shock. You try to make sense of it and wonder how you could have missed the signs and behaviors... more

Quit Smoking in 2016
Thinking about quitting smoking? Check out these resources... more

This content was last modified on: 05/18/2016

Partners EAP serves employees, and their household members, of Partners HealthCare and related entities.
Partners EAP is not a service for the general public.
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