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New Eviction Storage Law

Protecting the Belongings of Tenants Facing Eviction

If you are a tenant facing eviction or you have already been evicted, a new eviction storage law:

  • Requires that you be told who is storing your property;
  • Gives you the right to choose where your property is stored instead of the place the landlord has listed;
  • Requires that your property be inventoried before being put in storage;
  • Requires that all fees charged by an eviction storage company be filed with and approved by the Department of Public Safety;
  • Gives you one-time access to remove items of primarily personal or sentimental value free of charge; and
  • Provides other protections.

For a free booklet with more information about the eviction storage law, go to your nearest legal services office or go on-line to:  Eviction Storage 



Used with Permission of Neighborhood Legal Services, Inc.


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