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Summer Camps and Activities

We all want our children to have happy, enjoyable summer experiences that are appropriate for their needs and interests. A good camp experience can offer your child the opportunity to try new activities, to learn new skills, to make friends and to gain a sense of independence.

If you live or work in Boston, check out this page for a comprehensive list of summer programs.  

100 Activities for Kids

Boston Centers for Youth and Families

Choosing a Summer Camp for your Child

Coping with Camp Jitters, Homesickness, and Other Summertime Social Ailments

Fun and Low-cost Activities for Kids of All Ages

How to Choose a Camp: Preparing For Camp

American Camp Association
Knowing your options, as well as your child's personality, will help you identify programs from which your child will benefit most.

How to Choose a Camp

How to Pick the Right Summer Camp for Kids

It's much more than s'mores and sing-alongs: Top camps provide lifelong memories and skills. Here's how to pick a winner -- and help your kid have an awesome summer.

How to Pick the Right Summer Camp for Kids

No Phones at Summer Camp?

If you are thinking of sending your child away to sleepaway camp for the first time this year, you may be having a hard time with many camps’ prohibition on cell phones and other communication tools that connect kids to home.

No Phones at Summer Camp?

MA Recreational Camps Q&A

Questions to Ask Yourself and Your Child That Will Frame Your Search for a Best Fit Camp

Summer Camp Resources 2017 

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