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Relax with a one-minute meditation
Want to try myStrength's online wellbeing website but not ready to sign up? Take a moment to relax with a one- minute meditation... more

Summer Camps and Activities
Planning summer care for your school age child can be very stressful and a significant financial commitment. Read some tips to help minimize your stress and organize your summer... more

EAP celebrates Financial Literacy Month
Whether creating a financial budget, developing or expanding a savings strategy, paying down debt, improving your credit score or planning for retirement, NOW is the best time to establish and implement goals toward financial wellness... more

April is National Humor Month
One of the quickest ways to the relaxation response is through humor. During hard times talk to someone who can make you laugh or feel good. Watching a comedy skit, silly or heartwarming videos or just reflecting for a moment to bring a memory into your consciousness can instantly shift your mood. Research supports the benefits of humor. Laughter diffuses tension and fosters connection. At work, it can improve productivity and increase employee engagement. A dose of humor releases serotonin in the brain and increases overall brain power and a sense of well-being... more

April is Diversity Awareness Month
Diversity Awareness Month gives us an opportunity to reflect and focus on the meaning of diversity in our lives, our workplaces, our communities and our country. Diversity awareness acknowledges the things we share in common and challenges us to grow through learning from and about those whose experience is different than our own. When it comes to diversity, we all have an opportunity to enrich our lives by embracing an attitude of respectful curiosity and compassionate acceptance... more

EAP Online Wellbeing Tool
EAP Introduced myStrength, a free, confidential online wellbeing resource available to Partners HealthCare employees and their household members. myStrength is easy to access... more

Quit Smoking
Thinking about quitting smoking? Check out these resources... more

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